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Accurate 5744 Smokeless Gun Powder

(8 customer reviews)


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Accurate 5744 Load Data Overview

The double-base, spherical Accurate® 2230® Smokeless Rifle Powder(Accurate 5744 Load Data ) proves versatile for use in many small and medium caliber cartridges like the 223 Remington and 308 Winchester. Excellent flow characteristics and grain size of 2230 make great for progressive loading. You can also use it in big-bore straight-wall cartridges. Accurate 2230 smokeless rifle powder offers dependable ignition and consistent pressures for superior reliability and performance. It also boasts reduced fouling for clean-burning efficiency.

Accurate 5744 is an extremely fast burning, double-base, extruded powder. This unique powder can be used in a wide range of rifle calibers and magnum handguns. 5744 is characterized by excellent ignition and consistency over a very wide performance range.
  • Ideal for small and medium caliber cartridges
  • Also good in big-bore straight-wall cartridges
  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Burns fast and clean
  • Reduced fouling
  • Dependable ignition
  • Consistent pressures

Weight ………………….. 8 lb
Quantity ……………….. 8 Pound

Accurate 5744 Load Data


8 reviews for Accurate 5744 Smokeless Gun Powder

  1. Tony

    Only powder i use for 308

  2. noi

    his powder has many applications to load many different calibers.From .223 to .308,great powder

  3. noi

    Easy to measure consistent powder

  4. noi

    Easy to measure consistent powder

  5. noiji

    Love this powder, meters great loads great in my 243 and 308. Great service as always from Midway

  6. Scottd

    Loading your M1 Garand to factory Specs… don’t want to beat the op rod to death…this and some 150 Grain .30 makes awsome loads…. YES BUY THIS

  7. Scottd tyer

    I use this in my rifles. I won’t use anything else in my rifles. Best powder ever. Imr has a really good product here.

  8. Gutter

    This is the biggest advancement in muzzleloader technology in a very long time. Extremely accurate and reliable. Waterproof. Requires minimal cleaning effort. I no longer hate muzzleloaders.

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