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Hodgdon CFE 223 Rifle Powder

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Hodgdon CFE 223 In Stock Overview

Hodgdon CFE 223 In Stock

If you want a superb powder that will help you cut down on your barrel-cleaning time, check out Hodgdon® CFE223. This spherical rifle powder propellant is versatile enough to use in a wide variety of popular cartridges, the 204 Ruger and the 308 Winchester. A favorite with match, varmint and AR shooters.
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More On Hodgdon CFE 223

CFE 223 yields top velocities in many cartridges such as the 204 Ruger, 223 Remington/5.56mm NATO, 22-250 Remington and the 308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO, plus many, many more.

CFE 223 contains our Copper Fouling Eraser ingredient, originally used in military propellant, which greatly deters copper fouling and contributes to longer periods of top accuracy with less barrel cleaning time.

Being a spherical powder, metering is superbly accurate.

Available in 1 lb. and 8 lb. containers.

  • Specially-designed to greatly deter copper fouling
  • Spherical propellant with superior metering
  • Versatile enough for a variety of cartridges



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1 Pound, 8 Pound

2 reviews for Hodgdon CFE 223 Rifle Powder

  1. Derick miles

    This is a great powder. I have used it in my AR-15 with great success. I did just try it in some larger calibers to see what would happen, 30-06 and 308. The 30-06 is a TC venture bolt action, and had no issues with Hornaday 110 grain vmax bullets. I have a AR-10 in 308 with surpressor. I loaded this powder with several weight bullets and was having bad pressure signs with the starting loads according to Hodgdon website. I decided to go much lower with the powder charge just to see. I was very happy and this powder works great. For example, Hodgdon lists 308 with 155 grain bullets starting load with CFE 223 at 49.5 grains, I had very bad pressure signs at that charge level. I am at 43.0 grains and everything works great. Seems you just have to do some load work up and see for yourself. I suggest going lower on the charge because this is a hot powder but still a great powder.
    I will love to order for more thanks aceglocks

  2. William summer

    Just glad to have my powder delivered on time. This powder works very well in my ruger 204 there are other options but this seems the most accurate.
    Nice service and I’ll highly recommend

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