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Hodgdon Pyrodex RS Black Powder Substitute 1 lb


Weight                                                                  1 lb
Quantity                                                                 1 Pound

Delivery Information
Shipping Weight                                                    1.140 Pounds
DOT-Regulated                                                      Yes
HazMat Product                                                      Yes

Category: Product ID: 5380


Hodgdon Pyrodex Black Powders Overview

A propellant designed for use in muzzleloading and black powder cartridge arms(Hodgdon Pyrodex Black Powders), Hodgdon® Pyrodex® Powder burns cleaner and produces less fowling than black powder. Pyrodex RS can be used in all calibers of percussion muzzleloading rifles and shotguns while Pyrodex P can be used in muzzleloading pistols, cap and ball revolvers, or small bore, muzzloading rifles. RS compares to 2F black powder on a particle size basis while P is a replacement for FFFg black powder when measured volumetrically using a black powder measure. 1 lb.

More On Hodgdon Pyrodex Black

  • For use in percussion muzzleloaders
  • Burns cleaner than black powder – more accuracy, more shots
  • RS is 2F powder size
  • P replaces FFFg black powder
  • 1 lb. container

1 Pound

Hodgdon Pyrodex Black Powders