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IMR Trail Boss Smokeless Handgun Powder – 9 oz.


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IMR Trail Boss Load Data Overview

IMR Trail Boss Load Data

Designed specifically for low velocity lead bullets suitable for Cowboy Action shooting(IMR Trail Boss In Stock), Hodgdon® Trail Boss® Smokeless Handgun Powder gives reloaders a safe, stable accelerant. Trail Boss powder delivers a very high loading density, good flow through powder measures, and stability through severe temperature variations. Primarily a pistol powder, this versatile smokeless powder also offers some rifle applications.

What Is The Burn Rate Of IMR Trail Boss Load?

In the chart of relative burn rates in the rear of Lyman’s Cast Bullet Handbook, 4th Edition, Trail Boss is listed as 15th of 128 powders. That places it almost midway between Hodgdon’s Titegroup at 9th and Winchester 231 at 21st.

What Is Trail Boss Propellant?

Up to this point Trail Boss has been portrayed as a propellant for older, large-volume revolvers and/or levergun cartridges. It is not solely that. Hodgdon does have data for Trail Boss in very light loads for .38-55, .40-65 and .45-70. For example, with 405-grain bullets in .45-70 with a 24-inch barrel, a velocity of 1,007 fps is given.
  • Designed specifically for low velocity lead bullets
  • Suitable for Cowboy Action shooting
  • Versatile powder also works in some rifle loads
  • Very high loading density
  • Good flow through powder measures for accuracy
  • Stable through severe temperature fluctuations


IMR Trail Boss Load Data



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