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Winchester 748 Smokeless Propellant Reloading Powder


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Winchester 748 Powder 8 lbs Overview

Duplicate the factory performance of loads from handgun to rifle and shotgun with Winchester®(Winchester 748 Powder 8 lbs ) Smokeless Propellants. The different varieties of Winchester Propellents  specially formulated to provide the clean burning, temperature, flow rates, and velocities reloaders desire for different applications.

A medium speed propellant, 748’s lower flame temperature extends barrel life when compared to similar speed powders. The powder of choice for 223 Remington ammunition, 748 is ideal for a wide range of centerfire rifle loads, including 222 Remington, 30-30 Winchester, 30 Winchester, and up to 485 Winchester Magnum.

This powder in particular can be used for a wide array of centerfire rifle loads like the 223 Remington, 30-30 Winchester, and the 308 Winchester. Winchester 748 powder is a low flame temperature, and subsequently perfect for extending the life of the rifle barrel, especially for routine reloaders.
Both 748 and BLC2   made in the same factory in Florida. Essentially the same powered from different production lots. This doesn’t mean you flip flop them without re working loads, but starting loads in both are pretty much the same.

Important Information

  • Smart choice for home reloaders
  • Duplicate factory performance of Winchester ammo
  • Medium speed propellant
  • Lower flame temperature
  • Designed for small and medium rifles
  • Powder of choice for 223 Remington ammunition
  • Ideal for a wide range of centerfire rifle loads

Winchester 748 Powder 8 lbs



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